The Night the Monsters Came is Out Now!

Hello Everyone!

I hope you are all keeping safe and well during these uncertain times. 2020 has been a really challenging year for me, and I have a feeling many of you out there can totally relate. Having been through a number of setbacks lately, I am filled with joy to let you know that I have finally managed to finish my latest picture book, and it is now available for everyone to read: The Night the Monsters Came.

My deepest gratitude goes to my amazing illustrator, Lisa Ciccone, for doing such a wonderful job on the illustrations of this book. They’re playful, wildly imaginative, funny, and engaging, which I sincerely hope your kids will enjoy.

The Night the Monsters Came is for young readers who love creatures that are a little bit spooky and ridiculous. I must admit I do love reading about spooky creatures, too! And, not only during Halloween. So I wrote this picture book which has hungry monsters in it and two brave children who know exactly how to deal with grumpy, hungry monsters.

There’s more…in a humorous and playful way, this rhyming picture book shows its young readers that it’s never too early to start creating healthy habits, such as washing their hands and brushing their teeth, as part of their routine. With everything that’s happening in our world at the moment, there’s never been a time when washing our hands has been more needed. Moreover, this bedtime monster story relies on humor, wit, and courage to help children overcome fear.

If you would like your kids to embrace the idea of washing their hands, brushing their teeth, and maintaining healthy habits and good hygiene daily…this is the perfect book for you!

The Night the Monsters Came is an adorable read-aloud story with equal amounts of shivers and giggles!

I hope you will check out my latest picture book and make The Night the Monsters Came part of your bedtime or snuggle time routine.

Thank you for stopping by. Stay safe and take care of each other.

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