Let’s Celebrate You!

A Graduation Keepsake for Little Graduates


“The cute storyline, the diverse cast, and the scrapbooking pages make this book a perfect gift for your graduate!”  Kameron Brook, Reedsy Discovery

Let’s Celebrate You! is a touching tribute to the happiness and sense of accomplishment that come with finishing a school year. […] It is uplifting and entertaining and will inspire young readers to celebrate their accomplishments and value the support of those around them. I enjoyed reading this book and believe it will be a valuable addition to any child’s book collection.”  Doreen Chombu, Readers’ Favorite

Hardcover Edition
36 pages
8.5 x 0.25 x 8.5 inches

Paperback Edition
36 pages
8.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches

Kindle Edition
36 pages
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From the bestselling author of the multi-award-winning picture book Have You Ever Wondered What You Will Be?, Junia Wonders, comes a beautifully written commemorative picture book, Let’s Celebrate You! A Graduation Keepsake for Little Graduates.

A perfect gift for preschool and kindergarten graduates, this precious rhyming story celebrates one of the most special milestones in a child’s life: graduation. A heartwarming and jaunty text and cheerful illustrations applaud the many things a young child should be proud of with this accomplishment. From learning values such as being kind, sharing, and taking turns to life skills such as making friends, learning from mistakes, and teamwork, the story affirms that a year of hard work and dedication is a time to be honored.

The back of the book contains extra pages for special ways to commemorate the occasion including graduation wishes from friends, classmates, teachers, and family; an area to share dreams and aspirations; and blank spaces to save photographs for years to come. The hardcover edition makes a wonderful gift and can also be used as a celebratory classroom activity for classmates to fill in together.

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“Let me start by saying that I have several books by Junia Wonders – she’s one of my favorite children’s authors and her books never fail to enchant me. “Let’s Celebrate You” is an adorable book that’s perfect for preschool and kindergarten graduates. My 5-year-old daughter absolutely loves it. The rhyming is precious and the illustrations are adorable. I love that it has pages at the end for writing graduating wishes, dreams and aspirations, and even for photos.” -Carla Sofia Cardoso, Reviewer

“While this is a somewhat different book from those past but Junia keeps her same great style in this book! A light-hearted but inspirational theme, especially for the little graduates! It pairs well with her graduation edition of Have You Ever Wondered What You Will Be, another one of her books that encourages kids to think of all the career options they can pursue when they grow up.
This book, as well as the graduation edition of Have You Wondered What You Will Be, has a section at the end to fill with all kinds of kindergarten graduation details and memories that will make it a book your kids can keep coming back to throughout the years, to remember their past and focus on the future.” -Adam, Reviewer

“This is just the sweetest story for your little kindergarten or even preschool graduate. It shows them how far they have come and how many things they have pushed through to get to where they are. It takes just a moment to appreciate their hard work and praise them for all they have accomplished. It has a very sweet poem at the end along with a couple pages of being able to chart their journey and for them to be able to tell all about the places and things they want to do when they grow up. It even has some room for pictures. Junia always outdoes herself with such beautiful imaginative rhymes and the illustrations are always so happy and joyful to look at and enjoy. This book will be a treasure to keep for a lifetime.” -AMH333, Reviewer

“Won a kindle version. Perfect for a young child graduate. My niece will be graduating kindergarten this year, and I think I’m going to get a physical copy for her for graduation. I have a book for all of my kids that their teachers sign each year, and this would be great for that too.” -Jess

Lovely book for kindergarten graduates. The book was a lovely read as it celebrates children for all that the children have learnt in the school – the values, how to make friends and new things. Beautiful illustrations and enjoyed reading it.” -SA Krishnan

“A cute short story. Won this on goodreads giveaways. A cute short story to celebrate a child’s graduation. I highly recommend it to read it to them on thier graduation” -Brittany Ribeiro

“‘Let’s Celebrate You’: A Tapestry of Learning and Dreaming
Unveiling the magic of milestones with Wonders and Corradin’s latest masterpiece – Where imagination meets inspiration, nestled in the heart of a child’s journey.
In the enchanting world of children’s literature, few books shine as brightly as “Let’s Celebrate You!,” penned by the award-winning children’s book author Junia Wonders and vividly brought to life by the talented illustrator Clarissa Corradin. This book is not merely a story; it’s a journey through the pivotal stages of a child’s academic growth, from the first unsure steps to the proud moment of elementary school graduation.
Junia Wonders has mastered the art of rhythmic writing, weaving words in such a way that they dance off the page, leading young readers and listeners on an adventure that mirrors their own lives. The book opens with a powerful illustration—a reflection of graduating children in a glass—setting the tone for a story that is as visually stimulating as it is narratively compelling.
Clarissa Corradin’s illustrations celebrate diversity and inclusivity, portraying children from various backgrounds engaging in activities beyond the classroom. From left-handed writers to a child in a wheelchair and representations of different ethnicities, every child finds a mirror in this book. Notably, an illustration featuring children playing basketball not only captures the joy of the sport but also symbolizes the pursuit of dreams and the achievement of goals, themes that resonate throughout the book.
The narrative cleverly alternates between actions and their positive outcomes, showing how classroom learning is just the beginning. The real-world applications of lessons learned—be it in teamwork, sports, or gardening—are beautifully encapsulated in pairs of rhyming lines that showcase a cause-and-effect relationship, making the story both educational and engaging.
But “Let’s Celebrate You!” goes beyond just academic achievements. It’s a book about dreams, aspirations, and the endless possibilities that education opens up. The illustrations of children climbing ladders or mountains of books are metaphors for the journey of learning, encouraging readers to believe in themselves and be brave as they face new educational challenges.
Wonders also seamlessly integrates inspirational quotes into the narrative towards the end, serving as a bridge to her other works, “Have You Ever Wondered What You Will Be?” This enriches the story and encourages a culture of reading and self-exploration among young readers.
As a self-proclaimed senior with a child’s heart, I find “Let’s Celebrate You!” a must-read for parents and children alike. The book concludes with a series of exercises meant not to be rushed but explored gradually, allowing children to grow with the book. Junia Wonders has once again opened the doors to imagination, learning, and self-discovery, reminding us of the joy of chasing our dreams.
In conclusion, “Let’s Celebrate You!” is more than just a book; it’s a celebration of every child’s journey and a testament to the power of believing in one’s potential. It’s a story that deserves a place on every child’s bookshelf, inviting them to read, learn, and dream big.” -Joseph & Betty Yu

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