Zachary and the Great Potato Catastrophe

Recommended for readers aged 3 and up

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“A clever rat named Zachary lives a quiet life under the floorboards of a bakery — until a new delivery causes unexpected trouble! A charming rhyming tale of friendship and sharing.” BookBub

“Written in rhyme and sprinkled liberally with humourZachary and the Great Potato Catastrophe is a charming and quirky tale that’s great for reading aloud. Guilia Lombardo’s original illustrations really bring the characters to life, both human and animal. I particularly like one of Zachary’s twisty-whiskered pals! And there’s a delightful ending that shows that life is indeed sweeter when you share your good fortune with your chums.” Nick Jones, Author, Full Media Ltd.

Hardcover Edition
38 pages
8.5 x 0.25 x 8.5 inches

Paperback Edition
36 pages
8.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches

Kindle Edition
36 pages
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Do you want to encourage friendship and inspire sharing in your little one today?

Here’s an adorable rhyming tale featuring a clever little rat named Zachary, who lives a satisfied life under the floorboards of a small bakery… until a sackful of delicious potatoes appears.

Will Zachary be able to resist such a delectable treat? And, more importantly, will he share some with his friends? 

Your little one will be captivated by this engaging story and delight in Zachary’s very important discovery – that life is much sweeter when he learns to share with friends. 

With beautifully drawn illustrations by Italian illustrator Giulia Lombardo, this children’s rhyming picture book, along with its witty and engaging story line, will surely appeal to its young readers and become one of those books that will be read and enjoyed time and time again.

A fun read-aloud story with gorgeous illustrations! Readers from 3 and up will delight in this amusing tale.

Get your copy of this book now and inspire your little one to share with friends in a joyful way starting today.

Zachary and the Great Potato Catastrophe is:

  • recommended for children between 3 and 8 years.
  • a delightful children’s rhyming picture book for early and beginner readers. 
  • written in verse with a rhythmic cadence to capture young listeners’ attention and give early readers confidence.
  • beautifully illustrated with an exquisite palette and remarkable compositions, brimming with expression and humor that small children will love.
  • a charming little story that teaches the joy of sharing.

From the author

From the author:

Zachary and the Great Potato Catastrophe is a children’s rhyming picture book about a clever little rat named Zachary, who discovers the sweet life when he learns to share. 
The easy-to-read rhymes aim to capture young listeners’ attention, and the highlighted keywords throughout the book make the text appealing to its young readers. 
I am immensely grateful to Italian artist and illustrator Giulia Lombardo for her engaging, playful, and wonderful illustrations. 
I hope you and your little one will enjoy reading Zachary and the Great Potato Catastrophe
Thank you for making this part of your bedtime or snuggle time routine. ~ Junia Wonders

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“The poetic and rhyming verses, the beautifully whimsical illustrations through the seasons make this a heartwarming and artistic treat for both the reader and the child.” -Betty & Joseph Yu, Reviewers

Beautiful Book, Both Message and Illustrations. I absolutely adore this book. […] I love the visual aspect of the pages for several reasons. The two-page spreads are simply beautiful and well detailed. […] It is a beautiful book, both the illustrations and the message.” -Jamie Bee, Top 50 Reviewer Amazon

Sparkling, Heartfelt Rhyme and Beautiful, Whimsical Illustrations! Oh! I am in love! This book is wonderful. The narrative poem is simple, but heartfelt, communicating emotion through good times and bad, whatever the season. […] The illustration is exquisite, with modern tones that express the emotions and seasons so well. I love the animal characters, and the expressions on their faces.” –Suzy Davies, Children’s Author of Luna the Moon Pig

A book that tenderly tells about a parent’s love of children. This is a wonderful book for a parent to give to his/her child to show how much he/she loves the child.” -Israel Drazin, Top Contributor Children’s Books, Top 500 Reviewer, Vine Voice

Beautifully illustrated […] the message of love is incredibly sweet. A delight to the eyes and ears, for young and old alike.” -STROW, Reviewer

Get one for your family and one for a friend! Such an adorable sweet story! Family favorite and for sure a forever gift giving book! An easy read and silly activity in the back that gave great giggles.” jpdoherty, Reviewer

I love this book. The poetry is poignant and the illustrations are beautiful. You can feel the writer’s love in every word.” -Donna, Reviewer

Sweet, sentimental, reassuring. Lovely illustrations- a visual treat. I just love, love, love, love reading this to my little ones.” -Cookie, Reviewer

“I loved the message of this book. I tell my kids everyday that I love them but I’m never sure if they really know how much. This book helps to express that love perfectly, I will definitely be reading it again and again.” -Nic C, Reviewer

“What a wonderful book to read with your kids. Beautiful illustrations help tell the story of how parents and children love each other. Every family should have this book.” -Granny Loves to Read, Reviewer

Moments of love illustrated in splendid detail through a wonderful array of characters. Whatever the weather conditions and what time of the year, this book showed my son that love is all around us. […] In a world that these days makes love sometimes difficult, reading this book became a rediscovery for both the young and young at heart. ” -Mr Longford, Reviewer

“Have read this to my daughter every night since we got it at her request, she loves this book and it is a pleasure to read it to her.” Jennifer Anne O Brien, Reviewer

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This book is also available in German and Italian.