Backyard Hullabaloo

Recommended for readers aged 6 and up

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“When Mr. Bagoo oversleeps one morning, the hungry birds in his aviary start squawking – and it isn’t long before his troublesome neighbors start to notice. With delightful illustrations, this uproarious tale is sure to elicit giggles! -BookBub

Paperback Edition
36 pages
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Kindle Edition
36 pages
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One morning, Mr. Bagoo oversleeps and, as a result, the birds in his aviary go hungry. Did you know that hungry, caged birds are very loud birds?

This is not a good thing if you live in the middle of a quiet neighborhood, for this attracts the attention of the neighbors. And Mr. and Mrs. Bark next door are the most troublesome neighbors anyone can ever have…

If you love stories by Roald Dahl, you will love this story as well. Backyard Hullabaloo captures the same irreverence, featuring two retired neighboring couples: the good-natured Bagoos and the cantankerous Barks.The Barks always want to outdo the Bagoos. Will their scheming ever backfire? Will the Barks eventually get their wholly deserved comeuppance?

This uproarious, must-read story is complemented by beautifully drawn illustrations painted in watercolor.

Backyard Hullabaloo is:

  • recommended for children between 6 and 9 years.
  • a superbly written story brimming with humor and playful mischief.
  • beautifully drawn with delightful illustrations painted in watercolor.
  • entertaining—the book is full of funny words and expressions that are sure to elicit plenty of giggles.

From the author

From the author:

Backyard Hullabaloo is a story about two retired neighboring couples: the friendly, good-natured Bagoos and the nosy, cantankerous Barks. The Barks are jealous, mean, and vindictive. They always want to outdo the amiable and kindhearted Bagoos. But no matter how mean and scheming the Barks are, their malicious actions always backfire. Meanwhile, the unsuspecting Bagoos simply carry on with their day, blissfully unaware of their neighbors’ distaste for them. 
The story is written in prose and is meant for slightly older children–six and above. I had a wonderful time writing this story because the characters made me giggle all the way.  Mr. Bark is diabolical and is always up to something. He’s quite the schemer. Mr. Bagoo, on the other hand, is a jolly fellow. It seems as if nothing can ruffle his feathers. Not even Mr. Bark’s devious schemes.  
The moral of the story is that good triumphs over evil. The Barks eventually get their comeuppance, which is wholly deserved. 
The uproarious story is complemented by beautifully drawn illustrations painted in watercolor. 
I hope you and your child enjoy reading Backyard Hullabaloo as much as I enjoyed writing it. ~ Junia Wonders

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Great book! My grandchildren loved it. We had the best time reading it over and over.There are wonderfully funny words through out that made us all laugh. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants to entertain themselves and children. I won Bark and Bagoo: Backyard Hullabaloo in a Goodreads giveaway and I want to thank them for introducing me to the great Junia Wonders.” -Dana Murphy, Reviewer

“A beautifully crafted tale of revelry between neighbors, the consequences and the choices to make things right. Charming, with colorful illustrations and interesting characters. Young readers between will truly be delighted. Educators, Librarians, parents, and grandparents, pick up your copy soon, you will be glad you did. Well done!” -April, Reviewer

So sweet. I am already a fan of Junia Wonders. She really does wonders with her books. This book is equally colorful and beautifully Illustrated.It is a truly beautiful book with so much colours and pictures in it. The action in it also will help the kids to be hooked. Such a nice one.” -Debi Nair, Reviewer

This is a very funny story about a rivalry between two neighbours. The illustrations are charming, and I loved the layout of the book. It is very beautifully done.” -Girl and Dogs, Reviewer

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