Summer Days at the Farm

☀️ The summer that just passed seems a world away now. I spent some time in a small farming village in Austria and experienced a whole new world. ⁣⁣ I will never forget seeing a deer flitting across the open space beyond the edge of the forest or the panoramic […]

The Night the Monsters Came Wins at the 2022 American Fiction Awards

🎉 Woot! My monsters are back again⁣ to say a proper thanks. ⁣I told them to be gracious ⁣and to lay off on the pranks. ⁣⁣They wrote a little speech ⁣to celebrate children’s fiction. ⁣They hardly slept a wink—⁣they’ve been polishing their diction. ⁣⁣Come on, Monsters, the floor is yours! […]

Discovering the Beautiful Botanical Gardens of Merano

The botanical gardens of the Trauttmansdorff Castle in Merano, Italy—a total sensory experience combining nature and art. I absolutely loved exploring this place! There are more than 80 garden landscapes, natural and cultivated, spread out on 12 hectares of land.