Here’s Your Next Keepsake Gift Book

“With endearing rhymes and breathtaking illustrations of adorable animal families, this heartwarming read celebrates the affection parents have for their children—an unconditional love that grows throughout all seasons of life!” -BookBub⁣⁣“I love you through winter, spring, summer, and fall.⁣Through all the changes, big and small.⁣But that is not all. That […]

Are You Ready for Your Next Bedtime Book?

Siblings Jack and Joy are ready for bedtime.But first, they must outwit the monsters that stand in their way—by harnessing the power of good hygiene! This delightful bedtime story will keep children enthralled while teaching them healthy habits like washing their hands and brushing their teeth. The engaging rhymes will […]

Will Zachary Share Some of His Tasty Potatoes With His Friends?

Under the floorboards of a small bakery lives a clever little rat by the name of Zachary. ⁣⁣Zachary loves all kinds of sweet treats—pastries, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and more. ⁣⁣During the day, he sleeps contentedly in his nook and dreams about all the yummy treats he will eat later at […]

Discover My Whimsical Collection!

Hello, Picture Book Readers & Enthusiasts, ⁣I created this to showcase the five picture books that are included in my Whimsical Collection. ⁣⁣Here they are: ⁣⁣🌟 The Roll-Away Pumpkin⁣Perfect for toddlers—this simple tale uses repeating phrases that toddlers will love and enjoy!⁣⁣🌟 I Love You Through Winter, Spring, Summer, and […]

A Simple Tale About a Giant Pumpkin That Keeps Rolling Along

Sometimes, there is joy to be found in the simplest of tales—even if it’s just about a giant pumpkin that keeps rolling along. ⁣⁣The Roll-Away Pumpkin continues to roll this fall!⁣⁣It’s rolling down the hill, past the farmer’s shed, past the baker’s wagon. past the milkman’s cart, past the butcher’s […]

The Roll-Away Pumpkin is Rolling Into Amazon Prime UK This Autumn

🌟🌟🌟The Roll-Away Pumpkin has just rolled into Amazon Prime UK!🌟🌟🌟 “Marla Little’s pumpkin is rolling away! Can she catch it before it’s gone forever? Readers both young and young at heart will delight in this lovely, whimsical tale.” Bookbub 🌟The Roll-Away Pumpkin is recommended for toddlers and preschoolers aged 2-5 […]

Have You Ever Wondered What You Will Be?

Have You Ever Wondered What You Will Be? is: a poetic and joyful celebration of every child’s dreams and boundless potential, a timeless and inspiring gift for celebrating life’s joyous milestones such as a graduation or a birthday, recommended for fans of Oh, the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss, the perfect read-aloud book for story time at home or in the […]

Amazon Prime Love in Canada

I Love You Through Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall is a warm and reassuring story about parental love. ⁣⁣Share this book with your little ones and reassure them of your unconditional love through the seasons—winter, spring, summer, or fall; through all the ups and downs; and all the changes, big […]

The Roll-Away Pumpkin is Rolling Into Amazon Prime US This Fall

The Roll-Away Pumpkin has just rolled into Amazon Prime US—and it will stay there for the entire fall season this year! If you have a toddler in the family, give this book a try. It features a delightful cast of characters and beautiful illustrations by award-winning illustrator Daniela Volpari. This […]