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This is my very first blog entry, and I’m thrilled to announce that three of my children’s books are now available on Amazon, both the Kindle and the paperback versions. It has been a dream of mine to pursue my writing, and Amazon KDP and Createspace have finally made this dream possible.

Boy and the Very Lonely Pony & Boy and the Traveling Cheese

Boy and the Very Lonely Pony was inspired by the view from my window. One day, I saw a white pony eating grass on my neighbors’ lawn. Watching that pony for ages was an experience that definitely made me smile. Boy and the Traveling Cheese came about from family members who told me about a guy they’d met while traveling all over Europe. This guy had a massive chunk of cheese in his backpack, and he carried it with him everywhere he went. He said he wanted to take the cheese back to his homeland. However, upon his arrival, his cheese got confiscated by customs authorities. It wasn’t such a happy ending for him and his giant wheel of cheese, but hopefully, he got to try a teeny, tiny bit of it before it got taken away.

Backyard Hullabaloo

Backyard Hullabaloo was inspired by family conversations over dinner and their experiences living next door to neighbors who complained about everything and were always looking for reasons to pick a fight. I enjoyed creating the Barks as the villains in this story: jealous, grumpy, and vindictive. But no matter how vindictive they are, their evil plots always seem to backfire. Meanwhile, the unsuspecting, friendly, and good-natured Bagoos, who live next door, simply carry on with their day, blissfully unaware of their neighbors’ distaste for them.

I thoroughly enjoyed writing every single one of these stories and collaborating with Divin Meir, a truly talented illustrator whose imagination knows no bounds.

Thank you for visiting my website. I sincerely hope you and your child will enjoy reading our books.

With gratitude,

Junia Wonders

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