I Love You Through Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall is Now Available for Preorder!

I am delighted to announce that my latest picture book I Love You Through Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall is now available for preorder on Amazon. The Kindle, paperback, and hardcover editions will be available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble from September 18.

This book‘s journey began in 2017 when I first dreamed about the idea that inspired me to write this poem. It took three years for the book to take shape—a long labor of love and persistence.

I am truly grateful to award-winning Italian artist Daniela Volpari for her amazing illustrations, which truly capture the essence of this heartwarming poem about a parent‘s unconditional love.

Each page spread features a different animal family in delightful seasonal outfits, showing the sweet bond of love between them. Daniela‘s breathtaking artwork will take you through a journey of unconditional love from season to season, daytime to nighttime, indoors and outdoors.

Every season is the perfect opportunity to show your little ones how much you love and cherish them. This book is perfect for parents, grandparents, and anyone who has a little one in their life.

I hope you and your little one will enjoy this book and revisit its pages time and time again. I also hope this book will bring you joy and strengthen your bonds, now and forevermore.

Have a wonderful autumn!

Junia 💖

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