Do You Ever Get Weighed Down By Your Thoughts?

What do you do about it? I find that jotting things down is a cathartic release. It clears my mind and transforms it into a blank canvas…ready to form new thoughts once again, ready to let creative ideas flow, which leads to new beginnings.

My Valentine’s Day Giveaway—Don’t Miss Out!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. As my little gift to you—I’m giving away FREE Kindle copies of this picture book from February 3-7, 2021. Head over to Amazon to download your free Kindle copy of I Love You Through Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall starting tomorrow, February 3. […]

Valentine’s Day Can Be Stressful…

But it shouldn’t be, rrrrright? ‘Cos stress is the last thing anybody needs right now, especially during this ongoing Covid pandemic. We, as collective inhabitants of this planet, are stressed enough as it is! We’re having to deal with enormous amounts of changes—ongoing lockdowns, struggling businesses, not being able to […]

A Winter Embrace

In my part of the world, winter has well and truly settled in. The ground is covered in a blanket of snow. The trees in deep slumber are silent and majestic, looking picture perfect for postcards. The world always becomes quieter when the earth is cloaked in snow. I revel […]

Your Next Valentine’s Read-Aloud Book

It’s chilly outside! Snuggle up, get comfy under your warmest winter blanket, make sure you have a cup of hot cocoa, hot chocolate, a cup of tea, or warm milk with honey within reach. Now you’re ready for your next bedtime or snuggle time book. I Love You Through Winter, […]

Inspire Healthy Habits in Your Kids Today

What better time to inspire healthy habits in your kids than today! Start the New Year by encouraging your little ones to form lifelong healthy habits before bedtime with this adorable rhyming picture book about bravery, confidence, and hygiene. The Night the Monsters Came is beautifully illustrated by Lisa Ciccone. […]