🎃 Pumpkin Season Is Here Once More!

🎃 Pumpkin season is here once more!⁣⁣💛 The Roll-Away Pumpkin is a fall favorite among toddlers and preschoolers.⁣⁣🍂 A short and simple story, The Roll-Away Pumpkin is a perfect read-aloud for families and educators of young children, while its highlighted keywords, repetitive language, and predictive nature make it ideal for […]

Wistful at Sunset

As the soft pastel hues danced across the sky and shimmered upon the water, and the warm light of the fading sun filled the air, I found myself mesmerized by nature’s breathtaking display—and yet, an aura of wistfulness washed over me. I often get this feeling whenever I catch a […]

I Love You Through Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall Wins Silver at the 2022 Readers’ Favorite Book Awards

🎉 I’m thrilled to bits! Thank you so much, Readers’ Favorite, for this recognition. I’m honored and incredibly grateful. ⁣⁣🥈I Love You Through Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall was awarded SILVER in the Children-Preschool category by the 2022 Readers’ Favorite Book Awards. ⁣⁣💛 Thank you, Daniela Volpari. I will always […]

Poetry and Possibility

I have been writing poems lately. It relaxes me. Might it lead to a book of poems? I haven’t thought that far ahead. It’s the act of writing itself that I enjoy doing the most. And so, I will dwell in this space, this creative mindset, for now. It’s nice […]

The Beauty of Impermanence

This little musing made me think about my priorities and what truly matters. And yes, I do believe there’s so much to learn from flowers and nature. Their wordless wisdom speaks volumes. Have a marvelous weekend!

A Monsterrific Bedtime Read Aloud Book

📚Are you looking for your next bedtime story to read aloud with your child? ⁣⁣✨ The Night the Monsters Came is FREE on Kindle today until August 18, 2022. ⁣⁣✨A 2022 IPPY gold award winner, a 2022 Nautilus silver award winner, a 2021 Moonbeam bronze award winner, and a recipient […]