Ti voglio bene in estate, autunno, inverno e primavera

Un affascinante libro illustrato con dei disegni incantevoli, il regalo perfetto per i neogenitori, per un compleanno o una festa speciale. Con le sue meravigliose rime, in questo testo prezioso un genitore chiede al suo piccolo grande tesoro se vuole sapere quanto è amato. La risposta lo conduce attraverso le […]

Boy and the Very Lonely Pony

“A boy is feeling lonely – and so is a white pony fenced in a pasture. But when the two of them take an adventure together, their loneliness melts away! A gorgeously illustrated story that warms the heart.” –BookBub

Breakfast in Bed

🐑 These sleepy fellas are my next-door neighbors. Kind of. And this is exactly how I feel when I have to get up early on Sunday mornings to prepare breakfast. 😁😂💛

Boy and the Traveling Cheese

🧀 Who loves cheese? I wrote this story a long time ago when I was just starting my self-publishing journey. It’s a simple tale about a boy and his giant wheel of cheese—and all the wonderful adventures they have together. It’s on Kindle Unlimited. Perfect for ages 3-8. It makes […]