Will Zachary Share Some of His Tasty Potatoes With His Friends?

Under the floorboards of a small bakery lives a clever little rat by the name of Zachary. ⁣
⁣Zachary loves all kinds of sweet treats—pastries, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and more. ⁣

During the day, he sleeps contentedly in his nook and dreams about all the yummy treats he will eat later at night when he’s finally alone in the bakery. 🧁⁣

One night, he sees a sack of potatoes 🥔! He’s never tried potatoes before. He soon finds out they’re quite tasty—a different kind of tasty from his everyday pastry. ⁣He soon starts hoarding potatoes 🥔 in his nook. ⁣

Will Zachary share some of his tasty potatoes with his friends?⁣
⁣And what will happen if you hoard potatoes? Zachary will soon find out. ⁣

⁣Get a copy of this book and inspire your little reader to share. ⁣
⁣Available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble.⁣

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