These Monsters Are Ecstatic! There’s a Party in My Attic!

🎉 Oh, golly, here’s another win! ⁣⁣
My Monsters are ecstatic! ⁣⁣
They’re celebrating as we speak—⁣⁣
a party in my attic! ⁣⁣
I shushed them once to keep it down, ⁣⁣
but I can’t do a thing! ⁣⁣
They’re skipping, hopping, dancing jigs—⁣⁣
what joy a win can bring! ⁣⁣
💛 Thank you so much, International Book Awards 2022. My Monsters and I and Lisa Ciccone are so honored and grateful. ⁣⁣
The Night the Monsters Came ⁣⁣

WINNER 2022 – Children’s Picture Book: Hardcover Fiction ⁣⁣

Do check these Monsters out! They’re waiting for you. ⁣

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