The Night the Monsters Came Wins at the 2022 American Fiction Awards

🎉 Woot! My monsters are back again⁣
to say a proper thanks. ⁣
I told them to be gracious ⁣
and to lay off on the pranks. ⁣

They wrote a little speech ⁣
to celebrate children’s fiction. ⁣
They hardly slept a wink—⁣
they’ve been polishing their diction. ⁣

Come on, Monsters, the floor is yours! ⁣
What have you got to say? ⁣
“Simply that we’re grateful⁣
and how this made our day!” ⁣

🙏 Thank you so much, Jeffrey Keen and the esteemed judges of the 2022 American Fiction Awards.

💛 Thank you, Lisa Ciccone. I’m forever grateful! ⁣

✨ A recipient of 13 literary awards, The Night the Monsters Came is an empowering story about hygiene and overcoming fears. This would make the perfect Halloween read with just the right amount of shivers and giggles. Of course, it can also be enjoyed all year round! ⁣

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