The Night the Monsters Came is Story Monsters Approved!

🎉The Night the Monsters Came is Story Monsters Approved! Yay! 🥳⁣

💛 Thank you so much, Story Monsters Awards! Lisa Ciccone and I are super grateful. ⁣

The Story Monsters Approved book designation program recognizes and honors authors in the field of children’s literature whose books inspire, inform, teach, or entertain. ⁣

Children are involved in the judging of submissions alongside industry experts—so earning a Story Monsters Seal of Approval means the kids are recommending the book for other kids to discover and read as well. This is what makes this award truly special! ⁣

A gentle rhyming tale of hungry monsters promotes healthy bedtime routines for young children.⁣

On a cold, quiet, and moonless night, hungry monsters come out of hiding from the woods looking for something tasty to eat. Young Jack, in his little wizard costume, and his sister Joy, in her frilly fairy dress, are fearless and ready to face the monstrous creatures who barge into their bedroom looking for tasty treats.⁣

“We’re hungry monsters on a prowl⁣
For something tasty, something foul.”⁣

The monsters are looking for deliciously grubby feet, sticky hands, and unbrushed teeth which they find scrumptious. But to the delight of the children, Jack and Joy have no such thing—they’re nice and clean and therefore are not the stuff of monsters’ dreams. They are washed, brushed, and smelling fresh and clean—the stuff of monsters’ nightmares!⁣

This playful rhyming story shares with children that it’s never too early to start creating healthy habits, such as washing their hands and brushing their teeth, as part of their bedtime routine…to keep the hungry monsters at bay!⁣

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