The Night the Monsters Came Is a 2022 Purple Dragonfly Book Award Recipient

💜 I never thought I’d write a children’s book about monsters. But one day, while I was doing chores around the house, these lines just popped into my head:

‘Twas a night like no other:
a cold and moonless night

In that instant, I knew there was a story brewing. I started writing and soon found out it was going to be about monsters coming out of the woods one cold and moonless night. Was this going to be a spooky story? Not at all. These monsters turned out to be silly and bumbling—the kind of monsters that delivered equal amounts of shivers and giggles.

💜 The Night the Monsters Came will inspire children to practice healthy hygiene habits at bedtime as well as empower them to overcome their fear of monsters.

💜 Thank you so much, 2022 Purple Dragonfly Book Award, for this recognition. I’m truly grateful! A gigantic thanks to Lisa Ciccone for her playful and engaging illustrations.

💜 Winner of 14 literary awards in 2021-22, The Night the Monsters Came is a bedtime story that will enthrall children. Give this book a try—it’s on Amazon KU right now—and have a fun read-aloud session with your little reader.

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