Oh, To Be Like a Dandelion

✨ Oh, to be like a dandelion seed flying in the wind, to feel lightness, a wonderful kind of lightness, unfettered by the cares of the world. ⁣

✨Children are perfect examples of this. Childhood is when we feel as if we could simply fly and reach for the stars. ⁣

As we grow older, responsibilities set in, the invisible weight on our shoulders gets heavier. ⁣

🦋 How do we recapture that feeling of lightness we felt in our childhood? ⁣

🐞☔️I read children’s books. I write children’s stories. I take notice of the small things—things that grown-ups consider mundane: raindrops pattering on the window pane, birds drinking from mud puddles, an upside-down ladybug struggling to right itself, a busy spider perfecting its web.⁣

🕸🐌If you have a garden or even just a small balcony with plants, nature will never cease to amaze you with its infinite wonder—but only if you look close enough. ⁣

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