My Word for 2022: Focus

2022 has just begun and already, I’m feeling a thousand and one emotions about the year that’s unfolding. ⁣

Ambition is sneakily weaving in and out of my conscious mind, prodding me to start writing my goals, to plan ahead of time, to put what I want to accomplish this year into writing. ⁣

But then there’s Resistance. It has decided to take up space in the far corners of my mind, comfortably perched in a hammock, planting little seeds of Reason here and there. ⁣

Reason is saying in a gentle but firm tone, “Don’t overwhelm yourself with too many goals. Focus instead. Focus on today. Focus on the Here and the Now. Do that One Thing and let the other million things that you want to get done fade away into the background. Focus on the one task in front of you. Give it your everything. That is the ONLY thing that matters right now.” ⁣
This is my word for 2022. Focus. To be able to block out all the noise, to do only one thing at a time but to give it everything I got, my absolute best. ⁣

There are a million thoughts, a thousand and more ideas, everything wants to get written, everything wants to be transposed onto paper, but there is no joy in rushing, there is no sweetness in forcing the ripening of a fruit or the blossoming of a flower. ⁣

So I say to myself, Take your time, slow down, and breathe. Listen and look around you, notice how the seasons change ever so subtly on a daily basis. Be aware of the small things, appreciate every breath you take. What truly matters will come into Focus.

Let Creativity find its way to you. Let words tumble out on their own accord. Never, ever force it. Because then and only then can the magic of Creativity truly work. ⁣

And when something beautiful happens, accept it, receive it with an open, grateful heart. ⁣💗

Wrapped in my slow motion world, ⁣
the flame of Creativity is stirring once more. ⁣🔥

Text & Photograph ©2022 Junia Wonders ⁣

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