Identify the Baby Animals Featured in My Latest Picture Book

Hi Everyone,

I have just recently launched my latest picture book I Love You Through Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall. This book is a heartwarming poem about a parent’s unconditional love—a tender and enduring tale of love between you and your little one!

I thoroughly enjoyed the entire process of conceptualizing and writing this book, and I loved admiring the drawings as Daniela Volpari—the amazing illustrator who drew these beautiful pictures—revealed them to us during the different stages of completion.

This picture book is out now and is available to buy as a Kindle edition, hardcover, and paperback editions. Please note that the paperback editions are available in two different sizes—8.5” x 6.57” and 11” x 8.5”, so you will be able to get a bigger-sized paperback copy if that’s what you prefer. You may grab your copy from Amazon or Barnes&Noble. If the hardcover edition displays as “out of stock” on Amazon, feel free to visit the Barnes&Noble website. The hardcover and bigger-sized paperback editions are always in stock on their website.

The picture above depicts the enjoyable, engaging activity that is included at the back of the book. Have fun identifying the baby animals featured in this book, and try asking your little one to give each animal a name. That would be oodles of fun!

Have a wonderful autumn and thank you for supporting my books.

Junia 💖

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