Creating Rituals

✨My year is off to a slow start and I am reveling in it. 💗 This year, I intend to continue some rituals I started a few years ago that I thoroughly love and enjoy. ⁣

✨One of which is spending ten minutes a day reading a poem and a chapter each of a fiction and nonfiction book. I do this while sipping a cup of tea. It’s a very soothing and relaxing ritual, which I look forward to every single day, no matter the weather. And ten minutes is not a big ask, which works for me. ⁣

✨Why a poem? ⁣
Poetry moves me in ways no other piece of writing can. It enriches the soul. I have so much respect and adoration for poets because of their deep sense of introspection on even the most mundane things.⁣

✨Why a chapter of a nonfiction book? ⁣
Because I love learning new things. It can be about anything—culture, language, tech, health, food, design, film, music, philosophy, art, history, and so on. And so, one chapter a day feeds my need for learning something new. ⁣

✨Why a chapter of a work of fiction?⁣
Well, this is purely for entertainment purposes and for me to delve into the complexities of human emotions. ⁣

All of these inform my thoughts and my writing. They feed into my subconscious and become sources of inspiration for my creative works. ⁣

Do you have a ritual you look forward to each day? ⁣
Or are you planning to cultivate a new ritual this year? ⁣

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