Backyard Hullabaloo


🪶 I wrote this book some time ago when I was just starting my self-publishing journey. It’s a picture book but with a bit more text in it. It’s written in prose form, and it remains one of my favorites among all the children’s books I’ve written so far. I decided to offer the Kindle edition for FREE today on Amazon so you can get your free copy and enjoy Backyard Hullabaloo.

🤩 “When Mr. Bagoo oversleeps one morning, the hungry birds in his aviary start squawking – and it isn’t long before his troublesome neighbors start to notice. With delightful illustrations, this uproarious tale is sure to elicit giggles!” –Bookbub

One morning, Mr. Bagoo oversleeps and, as a result, the birds in his aviary go hungry. Did you know that hungry, caged birds are very loud birds?

This is not a good thing if you live in the middle of a quiet neighborhood, for this attracts the attention of the neighbors. And Mr. and Mrs. Bark next door are the most troublesome neighbors anyone can ever have…

If you love stories by Roald Dahl, you will love this story as well. Backyard Hullabaloo captures the same irreverence, featuring two retired neighboring couples: the good-natured Bagoos and the cantankerous Barks.The Barks always want to outdo the Bagoos. Will their scheming ever backfire? Will the Barks eventually get their wholly deserved comeuppance?

This uproarious, must-read story is complemented by beautifully drawn illustrations painted in watercolor.

Backyard Hullabaloo is:
-recommended for children between 6 and 9 years.
-a captivating story brimming with humor and playful mischief.
-beautifully drawn with delightful illustrations painted in watercolor.
-entertaining—the book is full of funny words and expressions that are sure to elicit plenty of giggles.

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