Keep Rolling, Little Pumpkins

🎃 Have you ever seen a bunch of mini pumpkins roll out of a book? I saw the whole thing unfold before my very eyes on my porch yesterday. It was quite a hoot! 😁🍂 🎃The Roll-Away Pumpkin is perfect for toddlers this fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving season. The book […]

Ti voglio bene

🧡 “Con le sue rime accattivanti e le sorprendenti illustrazioni di adorabili famiglie di animali, questa commovente lettura celebra il sentimento che i genitori hanno per i figli, un amore incondizionato che cresce attraverso le stagioni della vita!” – BookBub 🧡 Questa dolce poesia sull’amore incondizionato dei genitori fa capire […]

Get 50% Off My Book on Tertulia

Here’s an amazing deal to get my book at 50% off with free shipping in the US! If you haven’t already tried it, Tertulia is a new online bookstore that helps you discover personalized picks: think “spotify for books.” It’s a co-op bookstore with the best membership program out there […]