Whatever the Weather

☀️ Oh, hello there!Wherever you are right now,whatever the weather is like,be it summer or winter,sunny, cloudy,drizzling, or bucketing rain,I wish you a beautiful week. 🌷🌱💛

A Graduation Gift for Your Hopeful Youngster

✨ “…a children’s picture book for any reader who has ever contemplated their place in the world. With stunning watercolor illustrations, diverse characters, and playful text on every page, this book is a pure joy to read. And with its universal message, it’s an inspirational story that can be enjoyed […]

Special Graduation Edition

✨ “This ‘whimsical, engaging, beautifully illustrated’ picture book (Kirkus Reviews) offers a myriad of fun answers to the age-old question: What do you want to be when you grow up? Filled with positive affirmations and a diverse array of characters, this inspiring read will delight any hopeful youngster.” –BookBub 🎉 […]