Are You Ready for Christmas?

🎄Christmas is only a little over two weeks away! ⁣
Are you ready for Christmas? ⁣
Have you started or finished your Christmas shopping? ⁣
💝 Do you like shopping for Christmas presents early, ⁣
or do you prefer doing some frenzied last-minute gift shopping? ⁣
I like doing a bit of both. 😂⁣
I like shopping for some items early, especially gifts that are difficult to find. I also like last-minute shopping for food items like chocolate and all kinds of sweet treats. 🍫 🍭🍬⁣

And just like me, Zachary here loves all kinds of sweet treats. ⁣
What else does he love? Potatoes! ⁣
He loves potatoes so much that he starts hoarding them. ⁣
What happens when you hoard potatoes? ⁣
Will Zachary share some of his potatoes with his friends? ⁣

Young children will have lots of fun reading Zachary and the Great Potato Catastrophe! ⁣
The fun rhymes and highlighted words throughout the book will give young readers confidence.
It will also inspire kids to share. ⁣

Share this delightful and delicious book with the eager readers in your life. ⁣

Available on Amazon and Barnes&Noble. ⁣

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