A Graduation Book for Graduates Young and Old

🎉 Have You Ever Wondered What You Will Be? Special Graduation Edition is the hardcover gift edition of my award-winning children’s book Have You Ever Wondered What You Will Be?, which has garnered 31 literary awards.

✨ Brimming with inspirational affirmations, this uplifting picture book chronicles all of the many wonderful potential futures that lie before us. It is perfect for inspiration seekers, graduates young and old, someone turning the page to a new chapter in life, and those looking for a meaningful gift.

🤩 This Special Graduation Edition contains extra pages for special ways to commemorate the occasion including graduation wishes from friends, classmates, teachers, and family; an area to share dreams and aspirations; and blank spaces to save photographs for years to come. The book is a wonderful gift and can also be used as a celebratory classroom activity for classmates to fill in together.

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