Monthly Archives: February 2021

How Do You Make Your Child Feel Loved?

How do you reassure your little one of your unconditional love? Through hugs and kisses? By spending time with your child? By doing fun things together? By being supportive? By giving your child undivided attention? There are lots of ways. You could also snuggle up, read this heartwarming tale about […]

Do You Ever Get Weighed Down By Your Thoughts?

What do you do about it? I find that jotting things down is a cathartic release. It clears my mind and transforms it into a blank canvas…ready to form new thoughts once again, ready to let creative ideas flow, which leads to new beginnings.

My Valentine’s Day Giveaway—Don’t Miss Out!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. As my little gift to you—I’m giving away FREE Kindle copies of this picture book from February 3-7, 2021. Head over to Amazon to download your free Kindle copy of I Love You Through Winter, Spring, Summer, and Fall starting tomorrow, February 3. […]