Toby the Caterpillar – Series

CoverToby the Caterpillar: A Snapper for Supper

Suitable for readers aged 3 and up

Toby the Caterpillar thinks that catching a fish is quick and easy. But he soon finds out that it takes time for the fish to bite the bait. Will Toby catch a fish before his patience runs out?

Welcome to the world of Toby the Caterpillar! Combining delightful illustrations in watercolor with fun, amusing rhymes, this book will surely elicit priceless giggles from its young readers. Every page is an enjoyable, colorful, and entertaining journey into Toby’s world of adventures.

This book is ideal for parents and kids who enjoy reading rhyming stories together. It is also ideal for reading to your child, with your child, or for children who like to read on their own.


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“This is a cute rhyming story that proves that good things come to those who wait. 🎣”

“… story was well written and had a good lesson high-lighted at the end! The illustrations were good. The readability great! Good job!”



Toby the Caterpillar: My Night of Fright

Suitable for readers aged 3 and up

Are you scared of the dark? Toby the Caterpillar is! At night, when the lights are off, he hides under the blanket, afraid that the flying witch and the slimy monster will come and get him. Will Toby learn to get over his fear of the dark?






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Cover Christmas

Toby the Caterpillar: Once Upon a Christmas Plan

Suitable for readers aged 3 and up

Toby the Caterpillar and his friends are caroling around their neighborhood. They receive some money to spend on what they want, but Roberto the Ant has another plan. Will Roberto’s plan help his friends discover what makes Christmas truly grand?






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