The Roll-Away Pumpkin


The Roll-Away Pumpkin

Suitable for readers aged 3 and up.

On a windy autumn day, Marla Little comes running down the hill, yelling, “Help! My giant pumpkin is rolling away! Onward it goes, rolling and turning, with no sign of stopping! Diddle-dee-doo! Oh, what shall I do?”

A little girl chases her giant pumpkin all over town with some help along the way. It’s the perfect autumn bedtime story to read with your little pumpkin.

The author uses repeating sentence structures to capture young listeners’ attention and give early readers confidence.

The book is exquisitely illustrated by award-winning Italian illustrator, Daniela Volpari. Every page is a beautiful work of art and is one of those picture books whose images will linger long after you’ve turned the page.

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“Marla Little’s pumpkin is rolling away! Can she catch it before it’s gone forever? Readers both young and young at heart will delight in this lovely, whimsical tale.” –BookBub

“This is an award winning quality children’s book that will entertain young and old alike. IT belongs in everyone’s library and I imagine that it will soon sit in libraries across the world awaiting readers. I found the illustrations to be outstanding and the story as much so. Five stars for this wonderful book.”

“This Might Possibly be an Instant Classic”

“This was a clever story written in a manner that may well render it timeless, as it evokes classic tales that will leave you feeling nostalgic.”

“One word comes to mind when describing Daniela Volpari’s art: quintessential.”

“The story and art, together with the professional book design ranks this title up there with the best of the bunch. Highly enjoyable.”

“Illustrations are beautiful, colorful, and whimsical.”

“This book has great details and very nice drawings and story.”

“I really loved the pictures they were so good.”

“My grandkids loved this… Third grader read it to her first grade brother. So cute!”

“The main reason my 2 1/2 son & I chose this book was because of its pictures & simplicity.”

“I enjoyed this very simple story which is great for one year olds, but more for early talkers around three because it will start conversations.”

“Another great book to read to the grandkids.”

This book is also available in Italian, German, French, and Spanish.