Free on Amazon: Dear God, Please Forgive Me for Hating Jessica Maloney

Hi everyone,

I’m offering my eBook, Dear God, Please Forgive Me for Hating Jessica Maloney, for free on Amazon for a limited time starting today.

This book is suitable for readers aged 5 and up. It is about bullying at school. It is a concise story told from the point of view of Amy, one of the bully’s targets. In a non-violent manner, the school bully experiences what it’s like to be on the other side of the coin and realises it’s not at all a pleasant experience. The story aims to entertain, which you’ll be able to tell from its humorous approach. However, it does send a very clear message in a straightforward and non-preachy manner: that it is never okay to bully other children.

Help yourself to a free copy of my eBook, “Dear God, Please Forgive Me for Hating Jessica Maloney” and feel free to tell your friends about it. If you enjoy the story, kindly leave a review on Amazon to help other readers find this book.  As an indie author, your review means the world to me.

Thanks ever so much.

With gratitude,

Junia xx




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