Boy Series

Boy and the Traveling Cheese

Suitable for readers aged 3 and up.

A boy receives a very large parcel from his grandpa, and inside is the biggest cheese he has ever seen. The giant cheese soon attracts the attention of people from near and far, who all want to taste it. Will the boy get to taste a teeny, tiny bit of his giant cheese before it all runs out?

The story is about a boy and his delicious giant cheese. The cheese, by virtue of its size and delectable taste, soon attracts the attention of people from near and far. The boy embarks on an adventure of a lifetime to share his giant cheese with everyone he meets along the way.

It is a heartwarming story about sharing and an adventure-filled book with gorgeous illustrations. It’s the perfect bedtime story for your little nugget.

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“A boy receives a wonderful gift from his grandpa — the biggest wheel of cheese he’s ever seen! But with hungry visitors coming from far and wide, will he get to taste it before it disappears? Perfect for ages three and up.” -BookBub

“My 4 year old said “that was a sweet book” as soon as we finished it for the first time.”

“Enjoyable read to pre schoolers, good night time story.”

“Young readers and listeners will easily see an important lesson here in a most enjoyable way!”

“A delicious book…..I loved it!!! This book appeals to every age. The boy in the story was a delightful character. 5 stars”

“Illustrations are colorful and delightful. Text is simple and appropriate. Love this book for primary school children.”

“I love the adventure the little boy had, but mostly because no matter where he went, he shared a teeny piece of cheese.”

“This book has a creative title that fits the story well. Each page is just long enough to capture a child’s attention and keep him in expectation of the next one. The illustrator did a nice job too keeping the illustrations simple and connected to the story. Well done. Keep writing.”

“My son greatly enjoyed this book, it’s great for a bedtime story. Not too long but not too short.”

“Well presented and shares the spirit of sharing! I can’t wait to share it with my students.”



Boy and the Very Lonely Pony

Boy and the Very Lonely Pony

Suitable for readers aged 3 and up.

A boy sees a white pony for the very first time. The pony looks magnificent but is very lonely. When night-time arrives, the boy pays the pony a little visit but there’s one little hiccup…

A boy and a lonely pony find friendship and comfort in each other. The boy is sick, so he has to stay in bed the whole day. The pony is fenced alone in a field of pasture. They become friends and take an adventure together and their loneliness melts away.

The story is subtle yet beautiful. It is a heartwarming story about friendship and is exquisitely drawn and painted in watercolor.

It’s the perfect bedtime story for your little nugget.

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“A bedridden boy is feeling lonely – and so is a white pony fenced in a pasture. But when the two of them take an adventure together, their loneliness melts away! A gorgeously illustrated story that warms the heart.” -BookBub

“My kids from 3 to 6, boy and girls, loved it!”

“I love, love, love the art in it!”

“The book is filled with colors, pictures and drawings which will keep a toddler engaged and it is short enough to not let their attention wander.”

“A beautiful bedtime story.”

“The story is very sweet and the pictures are gorgeous.”

“I love children’s books that make me tear up – even when they’re happy. The illustrations are great, and the story sweet.”

“Me and my 4yo son love this book. Perfect length for bedtime and very sweet pictures! Will be reading it every night for a while, I can tell.”

“My daughter loved this story she loved the horse the best.”

“My 3 year old granddaughter loves it. A simple story line with beautiful illustrations page after page.”

“…the story was engaging for my toddler and four year old.”

“My grandson loves the story and I do too.”

“The illustrations are worthy of comment – done in a pastel style reminiscent of “The Snowman” and fit the story beautifully.”

“Pleasant Children’s Book With Fine Artwork! Loved the way lettering sometimes ran over chimney tops and around windowsills. Cute book as to sequence of 6 steps young boy took to change into his pyjamas and movement of eyes in the dark. Story about friendship was a very good one and I did enjoy!”