Fancy a FREE ARC of Zachary and the Great Potato Catastrophe?

Hi Everyone, I’m giving away a limited number of digital ARCs (Advance Review Copies) of my latest picture book, Zachary and the Great Potato Catastrophe. If you would like one, click here and grab your copy from Booksprout. This is limited to the first 20 readers who download their copy […]

Meet the Illustrator of Zachary and the Great Potato Catastrophe

Giulia Lombardo: The Illustrator Behind Zachary and the Great Potato Catastrophe What I find really exciting about being an author of children’s picture books is the chance to collaborate with different illustrators and artists from all over the world and in Zachary’s case, an illustrator who hails from the city […]

Zachary’s Story: How It All Began

I can tell you this much. I had no idea rats ate potatoes. But that soon changed when a friend told me about the case of the disappearing potatoes in their bakeshop. This is how it went down. One morning, the baker discovered that all his potatoes had disappeared. All […]

Zachary and the Great Potato Catastrophe is here!

Hi Everyone, Happy 2018! I am thrilled to start this year with a new children’s picture book – Zachary and the Great Potato Catastrophe. It’s a story about a clever little rat named Zachary who lives under the floorboards of a small bakery. For a time, Zachary has quite the […]

Free on Amazon: Toby the Caterpillar’s Halloween Story 2

Hi everyone, I know it’s still a wee bit early before we start thinking of Halloween, but I’ve decided to give you a free digital copy of my Toby the Caterpillar book, My Night of Fright, to get you ready for Halloween.  It’s available for free on Amazon for a […]

My Night of Fright

I’ve got another story to share with you in the Toby the Caterpillar series. My latest book, My Night of Fright, is now available on Amazon. It’s a rhyming story about Toby the Caterpillar being scared of the dark, afraid of monsters and witches, and how he gets over his fear. […]

The Roll-Away Pumpkin in Spanish is Finally Here

  I’m happy to announce that The Roll-Away Pumpkin is now available in Spanish. The Spanish edition is called La calabaza rodante. It’s available in paperback and as a Kindle edition on Amazon. I hope my Spanish-speaking readers will enjoy Marla Little’s adventure with her giant pumpkin. ¡Feliz lectura! Best wishes, […]